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The MVC Model is an alternative to the ASP.NET Web forms model for developing Web applications. It is a light-weight model and supports existing ASP.NET features. It separates the application data, the presentation, and the flow of application, into three separate components: the model, the view , and the controller. The model manages the application data. It encapsulates data stored in a database as well as code used to manipulate the data and enforces domain-specific business logic. The view manages the display of the information. The controller manages the flow of application, handles user input, and provides data to the relevant view. This separation of view, model, and controller within an application allows you to change one component without affecting the other component.

What you'll learn

Key topics covered in course:

  • Introduction to Web Application Development using ASP.NET MVC
  • Working with Controllers, Model & Views
  • Implementing a consistent Look and Feel Across an MVC Web Application

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Rajinder Chitoria @ New Delhi


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Webinar Details

Duration : 4 hrs  
Instructor: R Chitoria
Certificate : Participation Certifcate
Level : Intermediate
Languages : English
Prerequisites :Recommended a good knowledge of C# Programming Language, and additional knowledge of classic ASP.NET would be added advantage